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Voyager Golden Record 1977

If the human race manages to kill itself, a set of pictures and sounds of Earth were put on Voyager 1 and 2. This time capsule of sorts, was intended for alien or far-future human life that may encounter the Voyager. It would help them understand the culture and diversity of life on Earth. Carl Sagan headed the committee that chose what would go inside.

Here are some of the pictures






HERE are some more of the pictures.

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Time was ice. At the bar, where we sat, we both starred at each other’s reflections mimicking the noiseless shadows. We mocked at lovers who would stare at each other, and yet in this parcel of time we couldn’t bring ourselves to look into each other’s eyes. The ice in your drink chinked, water condensed over the glass. There was a tug of loss over winning a fake war.

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